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Luke has 38 years experience in real estate transactions with a background in Construction, Property Management, Real Estate Brokerage, Mortgage Banking and Corporate Finance.

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What Does A Profitable Investment Property Look Like?

Are you thinking about investing in real estate rentals? If you are, then you’re probably asking yourself “what does a profitable investment property look like? Keep reading because we’ll cover that in this blog post and you might be surprised at the answer… What Does A Profitable Investment Property Look Like? When some people start […]

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Self Directed 401k Real Estate Investing

Most people think about investing in real estate in their personal name or holding it inside an investment company (such as an LLC). But many people are discovering that there are other options, including Self Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (SDIRAs) or Solo 401k and the like for real estate investing. That’s right, you can hold […]

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Choosing The Best Investment Property

We’re going to let you in on a little secret about real estate investing: there is no “best investment” overall, in any market. What makes a “best investment” for one investor would make a terrible investment for another investor. The truth is, there are many factors to choosing the best investment property. Understanding the factors […]

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Owner Occupied Multi-Family Investment Property Tips

Having an owner occupied multi-family investment home can be an excellent way to create an income stream. However, living in a building you own and manage isn’t always easy! Here are a few tips to help you make money and keep your sanity while living in a building you also rent out! Acquiring your property. Beware. […]

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Pros and Cons of Multi-Family Investing

Multi-Family investments are a wonderful way to create an additional income stream. As with any investment, there are pros and cons you should be aware of. In this Blog post, we will review the pros and cons of multi-family investments. The more you know about what to watch out for, the better decision you will make […]

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“YOUR PENSION IS UNDER ATTACK AGAIN” Many retirees from public agencies believe their pension is completely safe and will always be the same. Your pension is “not completely sale” – your cost of living allowance (COLA) could be eliminated and other benefits could be reduced if the current California State Supreme Court upholds three anti-pension […]

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401 (k) Millionaires Reach Record High

401 (k) Millionaires Reach Record High Barron’s Senior Editor Jack Hough on the state of Americans’ retirement savings. As 401 (k) millionaires reach record high, investors warned to keep saving.         While many hopeful retirees are celebrating their new status as millionaires, experts warn that $1 million is a drop in the […]

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Pension Funds

In most states, public pension funds don’t have enough money to pay for benefits they’ve promised to government workers. The problem is getting worse. Overall, the shortfall across states grew by $295 billion between 2015 and 2016, according to a new report from The Pew Charitable Trusts. All together, state pension plans had just $2.6 trillion […]

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Big Retirement Blunders

Don’t make these Retirement Blunders that could leave you living off Ramen noodles in your senior years. Today’s 65-year-olds can expect to spend about 20 years in retirement should they quit their jobs right now. However, the Social Security Administration reports that one quarter of those who are age 65 today will reach age 90, […]

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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Turnkey Real Estate Investing with Sol Mar REI, LLC.   Turkey Real Estate Investing can be a hands-off, secure way to invest with predictable returns and is SDIRA Friendly!

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