Big Retirement Blunders

Don’t make these Retirement Blunders that could leave you living off Ramen noodles in your senior years. Today’s 65-year-olds can expect to spend about 20 years in retirement should they quit their jobs right now. However, the Social Security Administration reports that one quarter of those who are age 65 today will reach age 90, […]

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Mortgages for Seniors

Paying off the house used to be a cause for celebration, but many retirees no longer see it that way. Mortgage for Seniors are available, but exacting. An increasing number of older Americans prefer to have a mortgage. They may have the means to buy with cash but choose instead to take advantage of prevailing low […]

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Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Turnkey Real Estate Investing with Sol Mar REI, LLC.   Turkey Real Estate Investing can be a hands-off, secure way to invest with predictable returns and is SDIRA Friendly!

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Expenses for Seniors are Rising Faster

Expenses for Seniors Are Rising Faster Than Their Social Security Checks Social Security benefits haven’t kept pace with the soaring cost of prescription drugs and other expenses for seniors, leading to a 30% drop in benefits’ purchasing power since 2000, according to a study to be released next week by The Senior Citizens League, a […]

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The First (and Last) Step to Financial Satisfaction? Defining ‘Enough’

The First (and Last) Step to Financial Satisfaction? Defining ‘Enough’ By CARL RICHARDS MAY 1, 2017  I have a secret for you. This secret will allow you to double your income in 18 months for only five more hours of work per week. Do you want to know the secret? If you answered “yes,” I […]

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Retirement Ready

Retirement Ready. Retirement ready is where planning in the pre-retirement stage of your life is vitally important. Plan before retirement and rest easier. Being in the home stretch leading up to retirement can feel great, but financial advisers say even the savviest people can miscalculate or overlook important components when it comes to their retirement […]

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Millennials Stressed Out About Finances

Millennials Stressed Out About Finances – Worrying about your finances is common in the workplace — but for millennials, it’s even more pronounced.   A new study shows that millennials are far more likely to spend hours at work concerned about their financial stress than their older colleagues.About 67% of millennials say financial stress overtakes their ability to […]

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Sol Mar REI Third Spot on Real Estate Blog

Sol Mar REI Makes Third Spot on the very popular Blog. #@SolMarREI makes number 3 spot on this blog: … check it out!  The website has a wealth of information on various types of Investments, Budgeting, etc… Sol Mar REI Third Spot on Real Estate Blog is a very important distinction as many […]

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Selling House? Here Are 6 Ideas for Reinvestment

Do you own a home in? If so, have you thought about what selling it could mean for you and your family? If you feel stuck with a run-down house, or if you simply have a property you want to sell quickly, think about the benefits a fast sale can offer you!  There are all […]

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Gold IRA Strategy, Tips, & Rules (The Ultimate Guide)

We often get asked about buying gold with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and as we are not sellers of precious metals, we don’t really comment much on that investment. We do however believe that it is a good idea to have some gold in your portfolio, for various reasons. Therefore, we direct those looking […]

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