Investor Opportunity Checklist for Real Estate Enthusiasts


Finding investors is simple and is important for you the beginning investor to develop the understanding and skill set of how to find these investors and work with them. As you become successful in locating properties and making money, at some point in time you are probably going to work with your own investors for your own projects.  We are defining investors here as those people that are not necessarily real estate professionals, but those that may have some cash sitting in the bank earning 1% or less annually. They may have some old bonds that have matured, have CDs at end of term, old annuities or perhaps cash in poor performing stocks/bonds or just don’t want to be in the stock market in their later years. They may have a 401(k) or 403(b) that they want to rollover into an IRA. Real estate provides security and predictability of income and/or growth.

The approach is simple. Since you are now working with real estate as a means to make more money, you share the idea with your contacts to do the same, albeit typically in a more passive way for them. You are basically sharing our website with them, so they may learn more about their options. They can always take the idea to a trusted advisor before any transaction and you get paid once any transaction is completed. All the while getting a better understanding of how to find and develop these type relationships.

Here is a list of people that you already know that may be thankful for you thinking of them and their best interest:

  1. Mother or Father
  2. Grandparents
  3. Siblings
  4. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins
  5. Co-workers or former co-workers
  6. Friends
  7. People in your social circles: online, Church, any club or organization you belong to; the gym, sports groups, professional associations, etc… Anywhere you gather with people, on or off line.

Make a list of the people by name mentioned above in 1-7 and an action plan to approach these people in the proper setting. If you need help in planning your approach with these people, feel free to give Luke Thomas a call at 1-818-857-6944 and he will help you plan.

When you have someone that would like to know their options, simply share this link with them:   and we always ask investors how they heard about us. Or if they are ready to speak with Luke, simply share this link to get on his calendar for a call:

As the Federal Reserve is now talking about interest rate increases due to our expanding economy, now is the time to take action in finding properties and investors, make more money and increase your financial net worth and to create a better financial shelter. Engage and take Action Now!

Know someone that is ready to learn more? You need more information?, call us: 1-866-947-2265 Ext. 808