We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Sol Mar Real Estate Investments, LLC..

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“Good Business! As a real estate investment company that buys distressed houses to renovate, rent and hold, buying the houses that we have from Sol Mar REI was quick and easy. They understand our business model and the numbers we need and they deliver. I would recommend Sol Mar REI to any investor. They seem to be very knowledgeable about many things related to real estate.” CM-Birmingham, AL.

“We initially contacted Sol Mar REI about buying cash flowing houses which we did, but got way more. We have now a plan of definiteness with our finances, investment portfolio and family legacy. This is an Intelligent, Comprehensive and easy to apply Plan. We thank you now and will be thanking you for years to come.” Sergio G., West Palm Beach, FL.

“As a Financial Advisor myself, I am very impressed with their services to assist people in improving financial wellness. I will continue work with and refer clients to Sol Mar REI, because of the market knowledge and transaction execution capabilities.” Shane W. Nashville, TN.


“Wow and we thought we were getting the best advice from our current financial advisors. These guys put it all together and are heads and shoulders above what we ever experienced before. We recommend them to anyone serious about building net worth and legacy! Theo and Martha R. San Francisco, CA.


“We received great advice from the Sol Mar team. We now have a way to have predictable financial growth and measure that growth of our Net Worth.Bravo – Job Well Done!”  Majid A., Santa Ana, CA.


“The people at Sol Mar gave us some great suggestions not only for rolling over our 401(k), but also about our overall finances, investments and we feel we got more constructive information from them than our CPA and other Advisors.”

Roger Y. Riverside, CA. 



Everything works fine!

Thanks again, it feels great to have a landlord I can talk to and actually get things done. Thanks a million.

Derrick M.

Memphis, TN. Tenant

Hi there,

10to8 received a satisfaction survey result from Stephen C.

Here is what they said:

How satisfied were you with our service (out of 5): 5

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend (out of 5): 5

Any additional comments: Luke helps me think in a different way about Real Estate that frees my mind and let’s me concentrate on what is important. I appreciate this company.

- Stephen C., Nashville, TN.

Ryan’s testimonial: I love Luke’s course ! It has taught me so much already and it’s only been a couple months. It has opened my eyes to so many more real estate opportunities, and will continue to teach me different strategies and techniques on how to make money In real estate. Luke is an awesome coach and a great person to talk to ! I can’t wait to work with him more.  Ryan C., Tampa Bay, FL

As a real estate investment company, we treasure relationships like the one we have with Sol Mar REI. We purchased properties from them and all the transactions went smooth. I am confident we will do many more with them as they understand our business model and deliver. I highly recommend their company to any investor. Sol Mar REI is professional, knowledgeable and service oriented.  Richard B.- Texas.

We purchased a Turnkey Cash Flowing house from Sol Mar and also loaned them money for a renovation opportunity and we are very pleased with both transactions. They are very knowledgeable about real estate transactions, good at customer service and very professional. We highly recommend them for any investor looking for secure predictable returns on their idle cash or IRA. Good company!


- John C. - Memphis, TN.