8 Trending Renovation Ideas That Give a Great ROI

Renovation is one of the most important things any homeowner can do. It gives you a chance to completely reimagine your home, and you can also build value directly into your property.

If you’re eager for an update and aren’t sure where to start, you’re not alone. To take out the guesswork: these are the top trending renovation ideas that give the best return on investment!

1. Minor Kitchen Remodels

Major kitchen remodels may be nice: but they also have a lower return on investment than minor kitchen remodels!  Instead of going all out and spending at the top of your budget in your kitchen: take it slow. Minor kitchen remodels will allow your property to look fresh and clean while still leaving future buyers the space they need to put their own touch on this space. This return on investment is one of the highest you can find: only outdone by two items on this list. 

2. Updating Your Landscaping

Your landscaping is one of the highest return on investment changes you can make to a property! Not only is it incredibly affordable, mostly costing physical labor and time you have to put into it, but it can also make a stunning difference in how people view your property.

This means doing everything from edging and mowing your grass to trimming hedges, weeding, and adding interesting plants. If you want to take this a step further, consider putting in a rain garden! These are made of plants native to your area that are able to take the water deeper into the ground and keep your lawn from flooding.

3. Giving Your Bathroom a Facelift

When was the last time your bathroom was updated? Similar to a minor kitchen remodel, a minor bathroom remodels can also have a larger return on investment than a full one. This means swapping out the hardware and either updating the tub and toilet or the floors and walls. Consider what changes need to be done the most, and then budget for that. This is another space where buyers like to put their personal touches.

4. Get Rid of Oil and Cracks in Cement

Cracks and oil in your driveway can ruin the aesthetic. If you’re unsure how to remove oil stains from driveways, there are tons of tutorials online- most requiring you to rent a power washer for less than fifty dollars to use it for a day. This is an awesome deal because it ensures you don’t have to worry about unattractive features, and you can protect your driveway from future cracking or damage from these.

5. Add Fun Exterior Spaces

Buyers are looking for exterior spaces where they can spend time with their friends and loved ones. If you don’t currently have any spaces like these, you can add them! Adding pavers for landscaping and creating seating around them can make your lawn look sectioned off for activities. This could mean a fire put in one area or an outdoor kitchen in another. Not only is this a fun update, but it makes your yard look larger as well.

6. Replace Your Windows and Check Your Doors

Windows and doors that are leaking are terrible for your home’s heating and cooling system. They can cause your monthly bills to go sky high and will leave buyers unimpressed. Instead of allowing these leaks to control the value of your home: take the time to get a window sash replacement. This will guard your home without making you replace the entire window. 

7. Consider Swapping out Siding

If your siding is getting old and cracked, or it’s visually uninteresting, it could be time to swap it out for something better. Stucco has been around for thousands of years, and there have been recent changes that have improved it further. Synthetic stucco is able to last in almost any environment and has a lifetime of over 100 years. This change means you’ll never have to worry about your siding again and instead will have to power wash your exterior every couple of years to give it a fresh face.  This is an incredible swap.

8. Convert Your Attic to a Bedroom

This idea may sound wild if you’re new to it: but converting unused attic space into a finished bedroom can add upwards of a 95% return on investment to the value of your property. This update has been even more popular in recent years as property prices skyrocket and buyers try to get as many rooms as they can out of a home. You’ll get to boost your property’s value and give someone a stunning room they’ll love to show off!

Every Home Can Use A Change or Two!

Although you might not want to update every part of your home: all of these changes can add a touch of warmth and comfort to your home. Consider these updates to get the biggest return on investment you can!

Sam Willis is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer. Sam is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes. 

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