Mortgages for Seniors

Paying off the house used to be a cause for celebration, but many retirees no longer see it that way. Mortgage for Seniors are available, but exacting. An increasing number of older Americans prefer to have a mortgage. They may have the means to buy with cash but choose instead to take advantage of prevailing low … Continued

Expenses for Seniors are Rising Faster

Expenses for Seniors Are Rising Faster Than Their Social Security Checks Social Security benefits haven’t kept pace with the soaring cost of prescription drugs and other expenses for seniors, leading to a 30% drop in benefits’ purchasing power since 2000, according to a study to be released next week by The Senior Citizens League, a … Continued

Retirement Ready

Retirement Ready. Retirement ready is where planning in the pre-retirement stage of your life is vitally important. Plan before retirement and rest easier. Being in the home stretch leading up to retirement can feel great, but financial advisers say even the savviest people can miscalculate or overlook important components when it comes to their retirement … Continued

Millennials Stressed Out About Finances

Millennials Stressed Out About Finances – Worrying about your finances is common in the workplace — but for millennials, it’s even more pronounced.   A new study shows that millennials are far more likely to spend hours at work concerned about their financial stress than their older colleagues.About 67% of millennials say financial stress overtakes their ability to … Continued

Baby Boomer Retirement Savings | Pulling Investments Too Soon

An interesting read via by Dan Kadlec getting into the nitty gritty of retirement savings and specifically the habits of baby boomer retirees. — Retirees Are Too Pessimistic on Their Investments—And It’s Costing Them  Dan Kadlec | May 15, 2017 Growing old and cranky is a cliché that rings less true every time Jane Fonda walks … Continued

Real Estate Investing in Orange County | New High: $675k

Orange County home prices hit record high once again. Spoilers: They’re still not reaching housing bubble peaks of 2007.  But what does this mean for real estate investing?  Steady growth is always good for long term investments but be speedy growth can be a bit more risky. Jeff Collins writes an informative piece for The Orange County … Continued

Lowfat Listicle: 10 Best Retirement Investments has a listicle up on the 10 best retirement investments. Here’s the skinny: 1 and 2 – Play the Market 3 – Not technically an investment 4 – Bonds! 5 – Contact Us (for REI) 6 and 7 – Slightly complex planning 8 – Difficulty: Advanced 9 – More stock market stuff 10 – REI … Continued

And the Average Cost of Retirement Is…

Good article from!  The key is implementing your plan early so there is plenty of time to build your savings and choose your investments wisely. We like real estate within the retirement plans because it is secure and predictable. — The Average Cost of Retirement Is $738,400: Will You Have Enough? Your retirement is likely the biggest … Continued

Don’t Mess Around With Government Pensions

Bloomberg View’s Megan McArdle provides an interesting look at government pensions and ensuring their longevity and proving the importance of a diverse retirement plan.  Visit our Investment Properties page to get on our buyers list and secure comfort and ease for your golden years. No one likes making pension fund payments. You have to take money … Continued