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Luke has 40 years experience in real estate transactions with a background in Construction, Property Management, Real Estate Brokerage, Mortgage Banking and Corporate Finance.

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Real Estate Is Back as Americans’ Favorite Long-Term Investment

            Real Estate Is Back as Americans’ Favorite Long-Term Investment Stocks have long been the most glamorous of the major asset classes. Many a Hollywood film has centered around making fast money in the stock market, and becoming a Wall Street big shot. But despite their great long-term returns—they’ve averaged […]

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An easily overlooked investment account can give retirement savings a huge boost — if it’s used the right way

      Health savings accounts are exactly what they sound like: savings accounts that can be used for expenses related to your health — now, in retirement, or any time in between. You must be enrolled in a high deductible health plan to contribute to an HSA, but you can open an HSA even if […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Rolling Over a 401k Account

Everything You Need to Know About Rolling Over a 401k Account   An employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan is one of the best ways to save for retirement. They’re easy to set up, you can contribute directly from your paycheck and you receive significant tax benefits by participating. Your employer may even match your contributions up to a certain amount, which […]

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How To Retire Early Through Real Estate Investing

How To Retire Early Through Real Estate Investing     Real estate investment can be a tricky business, but when it’s done right, it can be rewarding for you and your retirement account. Whether you are thinking of investing in real estate or you already have a few properties under your belt, with the right […]

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Real Estate- A Source Of Wealth Building In An IRA

IRA investors looking to add real estate as an asset class to their retirement portfolio face limitations when investing via a traditional IRA custodian. REIT funds and ETFs, or publicly traded REITs themselves are the most common avenue. Conventional IRA custodians like banks and brokerage firms usually won’t custody direct real estate investments in your […]

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Finding the Best Retirement Income Investments

Finding the Best Retirement Income Investments  in a world of super-low to negative interest rates has become a real challenge. With central banks the world over – including the newly flip-flopping Fed – signaling renewed monetary softness and an extended period of surreally low rates, a good return is hard to find. Gosh, these days […]

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Investors are increasingly worried about market volatility

Investors are increasingly worried about market volatility, fearing that it means a downturn is ahead, a recent survey by Allianz Life found. While the S&P 500 has soared to new highs and bonds have rallied, there have been rocky days in financial markets as drivers like the US-China trade war hang over US stocks. Investors […]

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Blow To Bitcoin As Top Accountants Make Serious Facebook Warning

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been largely ignored by the world’s regulators over the last ten years, with only some small attempts to protect investors from wild bitcoin price swings and dodgy crypto exchanges. The bitcoin price, up some 200% so far this year, has somewhat recovered after a terrible 2018 largely due to interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from some […]

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Where Americans are Putting Their Money Right Now

  Stocks have long been a favorite investment for Americans, but according to a new survey, they are putting their money elsewhere. Despite stocks’ great long-term returns averaging about 10 percent annually for decades, Americans are turning to real estate. This is where Americans are putting their money right now. Real Estate and related investments. […]

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Step Up Your Retirement Investing Strategy with Private Debt

  For those who are looking for alternatives to the traditional stock and bond investments held in most IRA accounts, private debt can be a good option. This can be an option for investors who are looking to diversify their retirement plan holdings and who are knowledgeable about purchasing debt.         Types […]

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