Seven Renovations That Buyers Look For

Renovating your property is the best way to boost value and interest in it so you can sell it for as much money as possible. Although every buyer is different, there are some updates that nearly everyone on the market is looking for.

If you’re ready to sell and are confident putting in some work, these are the top things to keep in mind!

1. Touches of Luxury

Luxury is one of the best things you can offer, which will always be overvalued by buyers even if you do it affordably. Most buyers walk through and picture their daily life in a home and how much it can improve on how they’re living now, and need to calculate the literal cost of some of the changes you’ll make. 

Adding a heated countertop will give them that touch of luxury they’re hoping for, inspiring them to think about starting their mornings in the kitchen with coffee and the paper on the heated counter. This can put you miles ahead even if the kitchen is only partially updated.

2. Floors to Handle Anything

Buyers want to move their furniture and belongings in as soon as possible and are interested in something other than having to wait to update their floors before they move in. To get them ready to buy and pull their furniture into the home as soon as possible, offer flooring that’s as new and sturdy as possible. 

Modern linoleum and vinyl flooring have been incredibly popular because of how attractive it is while still staying affordable and sturdy. This can let buyers know they’ll have a good 20 years of beautiful floors before they need to worry about anything.

3. Instantly Comfortable Spaces

Give your buyers spaces where they’ll want to stop and relax during the tour. This could mean a kitchen nook tucked into a bay window or a cozy reading area next to a warm fireplace. Using fireplace stone veneer, you can give this area an old-world and comfortable feeling without having to pay for natural stone to get brought in and installed.

Not only will buyers instantly think about hot chocolate and relaxing by the fire with this classic look, but they’ll also feel eager to decorate to show off the beautiful stone veneer.

4. Extra Natural Lighting

Natural light is one of the most beautiful things a home can have, yet it’s something that can’t be added easily if you don’t know what you’re doing. Cutting out and installing a new window can cost less than a thousand dollars, but if you’re inexperienced and attempting this, you could end up costing thousands in heating and cooling bills from a leaky window.

Work with a professional to add new windows, or even a skylight, if your kitchen can handle it, and watch the space suddenly feel far more significant. 

5. Increased Storage Space

Storage is king in 2023. Over a third of Americans own storage space outside of their property, and that percentage continues to grow. Although it would be easy to simply add shelving to existing cabinetry, it’s a good idea to build out your storage.

This means a more oversized pantry in the kitchen, more enormous closets in the bedrooms, and even adding vertical storage in spaces like the garage or basement. Make this a home where someone won’t feel like they have to cram everything into too-small areas or live in clutter.

6. A Kitchen That Can Do Anything

Don’t let your kitchen flop! To take it further, consider adding other details buyers are eager to see. This can mean an island with a built-in sink and storage or a touch faucet that lets you turn it off or on without dirtying the handle.

Remember to avoid the all-white approach and instead insert touches of natural wood and earthy colors. Although the all-white kitchen had its moment in the 2010s, many buyers are shying away from it because they feel like it makes a property look flipped. Using all-gray floors, paint, and cabinets has also recently had this effect on buyers.

7. Bedrooms That Offer Silence

Nobody wants to walk into a bedroom and hear the traffic roaring outside. If you’re eager to create a comfortable and relaxing place for your buyers, consider investing in noise-canceling technology. Sound-absorbing panels are a great start, but insulation, well-sealed windows, and good-quality curtains and rugs can take it further.

When buyers have a walkthrough of your property, make the bedrooms seem like the quietest and most serene area the buyers have ever been. Although this can take some money to perfect, it’s a winning detail everyone is looking for. 

Everyone Has a Dream Home!

Whether or not your current property is your dream home, you can make it a dream come true for some lucky buyers. Follow some of these tips, and consider working with Sol Mar Real Estate to make your home a profit.

Sam Willis is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise in residential and commercial real estate, as well as engineering and construction. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he enjoys spending time with his wife and researching real estate trends in his free time. Sam’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource site.

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