Love A Senior Day Was Great

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Hour Before Start of The Love A Senior Day!

Love A Senior Day Was Great


The first annual Love A Senior Day Was Great Fun for the team at Sol Mar REI that were in attendance, all the Vendors, Sponsors and of course The Seniors!

Weather was warm with a cool breeze and we could not ask for more on that front. There was lots of free educational elements for the seniors; from Doctors providing free advice, holistic service providers, free organic fruits and vegetables, information about insurance and home maintenance and of course Sol Mar REI provided information about opportunities in Secure, Predictable Income-Growth! With the age range being from 55 to 111, there was something for everyone. Some where dancing to the music, while others where surrounding the car show that seem to take them back in time to their favorite auto-styles. Some gathered around the awards ceremony to be next to their favorite celebrities and having a chance to speak with the politicians.

All things consider it was a great day to serve in the community, meet some really great people while having fun ourselves.

As this first annual event was held in Los Angeles, we are now talking about which cities will be next.

We may be posting a video soon after doing some editing work, so check back.


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